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After spending nearly my entire life devoted to a sport, I realized that mental toughness is just as necessary as physical ability in order to reach success at a high level.Regardless of how capable I felt on any given day, I knew I could always rely on my determination and ambition to sustain my competitive momentum.You are one of the world leading Ice dancer, choreographer, a commentator, model and spokesperson.How you are able to manage such a remarkable multi- dimensional, multi-faceted lifestyle?It’s in my nature to constantly seek out new adventures, and always be looking to see what’s around the next corner.I love all the opportunities I’ve been given, and I made a decision some time ago to allow myself the time and flexibility at this stage I my life to explore as many new experiences possible.Identifying my goals when I was very young and maintaining focus on them, along with a healthy perspective of how to keep them in balance with the rest of my life, are what I owe the majority of my achievements to!After so many years of regimented training time on and off the ice, these days I really like to take advantage of the opportunity to get my exercise mostly through outdoor activities like biking, hiking, kayaking and tennis.

[ Related: Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Get Glammed Up!Women Fitness Team thanks Tanith Belbin for giving her valuable time for this interview and quenching the thirst of her fans to know more about her, we shall also wish to thank Lynn Plage from Lynn Plage Communications, LLC whose efforts made this interview happen To know more about her, check out at: content on this site is copyright of Women Finess and no part of any article found on this site may be reproduced without an express permission and highlighted, do follow link crediting or preferably the original page as the source.This interview is exclusive and taken by Namita Nayyar President and should not be reproduced, copied or hosted in part or full anywhere without an express permission.My partnership with Ben lasted 12 years competitively, and 16 to date.Finding someone to happily share your life with for that long, even as a close friend or business partner, is rare, and I was so lucky to find a partner whose personality was so different, yet so complimentary to mine in that setting.

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