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John is 45 years old, married with two kids and lives in Ohio.He’s working in a bank, wears suits all day, goes straight home after work and rarely goes out.Processing by the on the website as they change it every month), and then, you have to allow for the time to secure the necessary documents also. If you are getting married with someone outside Scandinavia, you should follow a different procedure. My husband proposed to me in Tenerife and we took it from there. For example, the marriage license is only valid for 4 months!So, here’s your guide to getting married in the Land of the Midnight Sun! Remember that you should not be forced to marry for the big day! Also, talk about where and what kind of wedding you want. You can get a SPA from the Embassy of the Philippines in Oslo or from Consulates in other European countries.

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George has built her career around helping people use the Compatibility Code to build forever love.

– Holly Vienneau, Program Assistant Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB Having Elizabeth George as a keynote presenter at the Diva Winter Festival was the highlight of our event!

She connected with everyone during her keynote address and set an energetic, positive tone for the rest of the day.

Elizabeth spoke with passion and purpose, reminding us about the importance of focusing on ‘the what, not the how.’ Thank you for sharing with us, you indeed changed the lives of many women that day!

Getting married in Norway is a beautiful fairytale, i.e., if you know the legal process to follow!

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