Explain the process of carbon 14 radioactive dating song seung hun dating lee yeon hee

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This is highly problematic for evolutionists and those who want to teach that the Earth is millions of years old.In an attempt to defend the paradigm of millions of years, some propose that the coal samples could have been contaminated by migration of Carbon14 from the atmosphere to the Coal Seam, double capture of thermal neutrons produced by fission of uranium in the surrounding rock, or by contamination with modern carbon during the testing process.I was looking at talk origins’ little archive on Diamonds and C14 in summary.They say Radioisotope evidence presents significant problems for the young earth position.But the only evidence they have provided for such contamination is by appealing to how this data does not fit their paradigm of “millions of years”.And if the method is this prone to contamination, then it is hardly as trustworthy as claimed, so is an even weaker argument against the dates in the true record of Scripture.Baumgardner and the RATE team are to be commended for tackling the subject, but their “intrinsic radiocarbon” explanation does not work.The previously published radiocarbon AMS measurements can generally be explained by contamination, mostly due to sample chemistry.

If this confirmed, then there was very likely an extremely large increase in cosmic radiation over a very short period of time, the likes of which we’ve never seen or recorded, until now.

The RATE coal samples were probably contaminated in situ.

RATE’s processed diamond samples were probably contaminated in the sample chemistry.

But once they interact with the atmosphere, They produce showers of subatomic particles of many different types, including — for our purposes — the all important neutron.

The reason neutrons are so important is because our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, which you may remember as the thing that carbon-14 decays .

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