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While almost all Stangl wig stands were female, they also made a very small run of male stands for use with toupees, and their rarity translates into high prices in today's market.Some Stantl wig stands were converted by Stangl into lamps.Stangl's dinnerware and artware was sold through over 3000 department, gift and jewelry stores across America.

During busy week-ends, there were often as many as 1000 patrons visiting Stangl's Flemington showrooms.

Whimsical wig stands were introduced in 1965, originally as a special order for a company called Landing Gifts.

The wig stands proved to be very popular and were and were in general made on a wood base stamped with the Stangl name although Stangl hat stands can also be found on a round pottery base or no base.

Stangl left Haeger in 1919 to return to Fulper where he rose to executive ranks and planned the company's introduction of a colorful line of dinnerware in 1924.

As production increased, the company expanded production across 3 factories although one of them- the original Flemington factory- burned down in 1929.

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